Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where was Moses.....

when the lights went out at Planet Hartwell??? Stumbling around in the dark like the rest of us, I presume. I'm typing by candlelight becuase Heaving Brothel Central doesn't have a good source of natural light at the best of times, so when my twin fluoros go on strike, there's a definate "black hole of Calcutta" vibe going on. We are in the dark ATM because my favourite 50% is hanging from the rafters (literally) attempting to disconnect our security lights before putting the roof on the front deck. I have offered to help, but apparantly this is one of those things that requires Y chromosomes and testosterone in large amounts. I didn't realise that climbing a ladder was an essentially male dominated activity, but I have been firmly put in my place by the tribe of three, which is why I am sitting here in the dark waiting for the men in my life to turn the sun back on. Or at least bring me a torch.

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