Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little Professor.....

january 30 2010
Sebi came home yesterday complaining that the blackboard at school was fuzzy. I was seriously tempted to blame the teacher's handwriting, but parental guilt got the better of me so we had a trip to the optometrist. The end result of which is a $200 plus bill for me and glasses for Seb. He needs them for reading and distance viewing as his left eye is apparantly considerably weaker than his right....which figures, since his whole left side is slightly weaker and always has been, so at least he's consistant. Seb doesn't seem to have any issue with wearing glasses (easy to say now, since he doesn't actually get them for a week....) but I'm already having an MBF related migraine at the thought of explaining to the powers of medical insurance how my son managed to lose/break/melt/bury a pair of glasses within hours of recieving them. Still, at least there's a silver lining....if it was Kit, he would undoubtably have eaten them within 24 hours, and I really can't see MBF going for that one....even with X rays.

Friday, January 29, 2010

There would be a photo here......

January 29 2010
except Teenage Mutant has given up being snapped for the foreseeable future. He did however make it to school (on the right day, this year.....give it up for the calendar!!) and has signed on for the most expensive sport he could find apart from scuba diving, which wasn't offered, thank God!! He's already come home with enough assignments to sink a small navy, so it looks like year ten is going to be a three nurofen year as opposed to last year when I managed on two, plus the occasional vodka. Himself is also on the lookout for more part time work, to pump up his "motorbike account" (don't let the name fool you.....there will be no motorbikes of any description in this house till I'm dead and buried!!) so he's been doing the rounds with resume in hand, hoping for some good news. The best news would be Kevin Rudd rasing the learners permit age to 25, but somehow I don't see that happening any time soon. Pity.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drop me at the gate.....

January 27 2010

There you go....I'm officially redundant. Surplus to requirements. Not needed. The all-knowing ten year old refused to let me walk through the gate with him this morning....I had to use the other entrance and pretend to be at school for some reason that had nothing whatsoever to do with him. Charming. That's the last time I give birth to him. Happy Independance Day, Second Son. xox

Friday, January 22, 2010


January 22 2010

We're just back from an afternoon chilling out with mates. Pretty much a standard outing....apart from the location being a hospital ward at the RCH. Abi is fighting off a bug and because of her CF needs a few days in the hospital to help her get on top of things. So the boys and I went to hang out and take supplies (read as donuts and's essentials, lol). While Mick and I were sitting and yipping, Abi, Kit and Sebi spent the afternoon alternately piled on Abi's hospital bed or squished into an armchair, laughing, playing DS, teasing each other and basically doing all the stuff they do when Abi's not in hospital. I couldn't help but wonder about kids and their ability to cut through the unimportant stuff (IV tubes, hovering nurses, beeping machines) and get to the heart of the matter.
Mates are mates. Places, times and situations will change.
But mates are always mates.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The beginning of the end.....

January 21 2010
Just when you get totally into the swing of late starts and 10am breakfast, education rears its ugly head and bites you on the ass. There's no point in trying to ignore it...this time next week both boys will be back in the grip of the Department of Education. Teenage Mutant will have to swap his 11am starts for a 6am alarm call. Second Son will be responsible for the creation of his own weetbix. I have to organise bus passes, book covering, uniform pickups, teacher interviews, lunch box assembly and outside school activities, which this year includes Tae Kwon Do, tennis, drum lessons, part time work, homework assignments and three different band practices. Life will be defined by the "Fridge List" for each day of the week, detailing what activities happen on what day, so there's no chance of leaving home without swimming gear, trombone or American Express card. This week is a trial run, to make sure we iron out as many bumps as possible before the real deal starts. For the first time, I won't actually be here to supervise the morning routine, since I'm working earlies every day except Friday, so FF is going to have to step up to the plate as far as making sure the boys are at least out of bed and dressed before he leaves for work.
I'll have to get used to not seeing Kit till he gets home, since his bus leaves before I get home from work. I have to draw up a list of "Things that need to be charged overnight" since both boys are working from laptops this year and I have a bad habit of forgetting to plug things in. We have to have a summit meeting about school lunches vs the crap they've been eating over the holidays. And I have to say goodbye to the good times....and start counting the days till Easter.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

More reads.....

January 16 2010

Jules recommended trying Christine Feehan's Carpathian series, which I'm kinda getting into....some more than others but definately worth a go. My fave so far is Dark Melody, but I've got a few to get through so I'll reserve my final decision.
Next on my list of books to get hold of is the Duncton Wood Series.....I read them years ago, and saw one at the library and remembered what an engrossing series it was. Similar in a lot of ways to Watership Down which remains one of my fave reads of all time. Today, however, there will be no reading 'cos FF and I are taking Teenage Mutant and Second Son to Wet'n'Wild for a little r'n'r. Later.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can't talk, sleeping/ Vampire eyes.

January 14 2010
Another week of early shifts over, which gives me two days before the whole cycle starts again. For a part time job, I'm surely getting a full time workout, but any job that pays my bills is a good job, lol. I feel a bit for the boys though...they've been left to their own devices while I snooze my way through the housework, so FF and I are taking them to Wet'n'Wild on Saturday for a days worth of togethering before the start of school (dum dum DUM!!) My shifts will ease off once school starts, so I really need to work as many as I can while they're available so that I can still do all the little extras, music, tennis, tae kwon do for the boys.
I'm OK with the early starts, but the red-eye factor is doing my head in. I've tried visine, saline solution, vodka (drank it, I'm not a total idiot), and I still feel (and look) like I've got a bad case of welder's flash burn. The only real solution is a power nap, but it doesn't mix well with two medium to large male children who want to go out and DO STUFF. So I wear sunnies, and avoid bright lights. Me and Dracula....we're very close.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Families....

January 12 2010

Love you, miss you xox

Monday, January 11, 2010

More Books....

January 11 2010
After braving the shops in search of school shorts for second son, I rewarded myself with a quick trip to the library, in keeping with my "don't buy anything else till you get your Ereader" philosophy. Which paid off big time, as I found the next book in the Cynthia Harrod Eagles "Morland Dynasty" series, which I've been reading on and off for about 10 years. The series starts with the Wars of the Roses, and continues on to the present day. Currently I'm up to World War I, and it's still every bit as engrossing as it was when I started it in 1465 (when the series started, not when I started reading it, lol). I have to take my hat off to the author....if I had that much information inside my head, my brain would dissolve. Seriously worth a look if you're into a long term reading project!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


January 10 2010
Treated myself to this today

as a pick me up from another 5 early shifts in a row. Different, but very enjoyable. There's a few others on my list, but they'll have to be library reserves if I'm ever gonna cash up enough for my Ereader. FF has promised to top out my Ebook fund with his scrap bonus, so I'm trying my hardest not to buy anything else, but it's not easy....nothing takes the edge off the early shift like a good book!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


January 9 2010
This is gonna cost me some bracelet swapping, but I'm gonna admit to being just a tad cranky ATM....partly due to a blocked ear which is making me sound like Manuel from Fawlty Towers ("Que??") and partly because once again the cupboard is bare and no one has bothered to tell me. Seriously hard is it to say "I've just finished the bread/milk/COFFEE so we're gonna need to get some more before mum comes in here and has a caffeine deprivation moment". GRrrrr. Apart from the school holiday niggles, things are pretty good, although I can see school looming in the distance, along with all the associated organising that goes with it, sigh. On the creative front things are moving along nicely, although I will admit to having slightly more on my plate that I had counted on during the holidays, but it's all commissioned work, and money in the pot for my Ebook reader.
I'm shooting a wedding shortly, plus some work for the St Marks Anniversary book and some home shoots so hopefully my new lens will be on its way sooner rather than later, providing Kit doesn't grow any more between now and the start of school. The idea of spending my lens stash on school uniforms does not feature highly on my whoopee list. Where's my bracelet??

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Olympic Calibre Teenage Sit/ In the genes....

January 7 2010
Introducing the Australian Olympic competitors in the sport of Teenage Sit.

Matt is on the left, Kit is on the right. Neither of them knew I had the camera, or even noticed when I took this photo. All I can figure is that after being mates since they were weeks old, they've got some kind of psychic deal going on.....either that or possibly they're performing some weird DS related exercise ritual, heehee. The funniest bit is that Matt is right handed, and Kit is a total lefty, although I didn't realise it affected your legs, too. Must be a gene thing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Confessions of a closet leadfoot

January 4th 2010

Seeing me in my day-to-day persona of tribal mother, working woman and sensible multipurpose Tarago driver, you might not realise that buried underneath my mild mannered exterior beats a fuel injected V8. I have recently come to a greater understanding about this part of my makeup thanks to Messrs Clarkson, May and Hammond. After looking for something ease the mind numbing boredom of Boxing Day, I stumbled across the Top Gear marathon on the discovery channel, and I knew instantly that I had found my spiritual home. I watched enthralled as Clarkson et al drove semitrailers through brick walls at high speed, road tested american muscle cars and attempted to drive from Basel to Blackpool (Switzerland to the West Coast of England) on a single tank of fuel. I tallied times for "Star in a reasonably priced car" as if the future of the planet was balanced on whether Michael Parkinson or Kevin McLeod had the faster lap time. I was in my happy place, complete with diesel fumes and all leather upholstery. Until the next day, when FF refused to let me ripsnort the 'Rago round the back end of the Target carpark to see if I could match the Stig's lap time in a Lotus Elise. Guess it's a chick thing.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Bitching / Brain Related RSI

January 3rd 2010
Welcome to twentyten. Hope you're really enjoying it....and if you're not, for God's sake don't tell anyone or you'll end up with rheumatic wrists and RSI of the frontal lobe. All thanks to this....

Apparantly it's the latest thing in world peace, conveniently packaged to fit on your wrist and remind you (in the nicest possible way, of course) not to be a total snark. They were handed out at church this morning, and I was quite taken with the whole idea until I realised that I am personally responsible for setting new world levels in snarkiness. A prime example being when I gave Kit the eyeball of death while still in church for snapping his anti-snark band in two while trying to fit it over his size 37 foot so he could wear it as an anklet. Apparantly there are no mitigating circumstances with the Purple People. Which brings me to the RSI part....every time you bitch about something, you have to move the bracelet from one wrist to the other. Thus saving the Future Physiotherapists of Australia from having to fundraise EVER AGAIN. (pause while she switches wrists) It's gonna be a long year....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday/ Double Digit

January 2nd 2010

Well, it's finally baby is in double digits. Hard to believe when you look at this picture, he's still got a total baby face. We'll be going out to lunch to celebrate, and then tonight he gets to christen his present....a TV and foxtel hookup in his bedroom, so he won't feel the need to start the night off with me, lol. He says he likes my room 'cos I'm in there.....I think it's more about the TV, but time will tell. It'll be a wrench for me....but the rule has always been, once you get to double digits, you start the night where you finish it. I.E.
in your own bed. I feel lonely already, sniff.


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