Thursday, April 30, 2009

Space Cadet

You know you've entered a new dimension of weird when your firstborn has to check to see if Jupiter is in the third house before he'll leave your house to catch the bus to school.
Yes, number one son has gone all mystical on me, reading astrology charts and checking the night sky for signs of impending maths exams or other disasters. And, like everything else he takes an interest in, it's full on. He got off the bus in high good humour this afternoon, having had a "perfect day", thanks to the sun. (!!!)
No mention of the person who crowbarred his butt out of bed, got his breakfast, made sure his bag/lunchbox/homework was ready, ironed his uniform and paid his sports fees. Before leaving for Tae Kwon Do this evening, he had to go online and check where Neptune was. (In the sky, one hopes.) He's requested a carnelion band to keep him grounded. I tried telling him that he doesn't need carnelion to get himself grounded, but he was busy counting virtual sunspots, so that he'll know whether to take a jacket to school.
Beam me up Scotty.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A place in the sun.

Winter officially arrived on Morella Street this morning, and don't bother telling me that it's April. I know. The fact that the calendar says it's not winter till June does not change the fact that it was nine degrees when I set up on the crossing this morning just after 7.30. Even Sebi was feeling it this morning. All you could see of him was the top of his hat....he brought Kit's scout cape to the crossing and mummified himself and his DS till things warmed up slightly at 8.15. He looked like one of those Disney dancing mushrooms in Fantasia, but at least he was a relatively pink shade of human, unlike yours truly, who was sporting the latest in purple fingers and frostbittten ears. It's definately time for me to break out my beanie and gloves and no I don't care if the weather channel says it's going to be warmer tomorrow....No one sneaks up on me twice.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This weekend has been a total gem....relaxing like I never get, lol. I spent all day Saturday messing about in my zen zone, just downloading music, scrapping, playing with my backdrop, while the tribe of three amused themselves elsewhere.(without interrupting me!! at all!!). Saturday afternoon, the boys went for a swim at Nay's while Bruce and I had a childless afternoon (remember those???).
Today we had a trip to the movies....Bruce and Kit saw the Dragonball movie while Sebi, Zac and I saw Return to Witch Mountain. Yawn...I'm a bit seriously over kid movies. This afternoon Sebi hung out at Nay's with Zac, while Bruce and I went shopping and Kit did his own thing. Got myself some new sneeks for the gym, my old ones fell apart last week, plus a truckload of groceries for the boys tapeworms.
I swear, if Kit keeps growing I'm gonna have to have his pituitary gland removed, or at least cut him off at the ankles so he'll get a full year out of his school uniforms. Tonight I'm gonna have an early night with season two of Numbers....
remind me to add Charlie Epps to my Christmas men are so rare....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Making the Grade....

Number one son's report card came in the mail today....he's been stalking the postman for a week over the holidays....I wasn't sure whether he was keen for it to show up or whether he was planning to dispose of the evidence between the mailbox and the front door, lol. But he's actually done really well....all passes, with top marks for Music and above average for English. The bit that impressed me most was his effort and behaviour marks, which have have had a massive improvement over the last semester. I've had so many sleepless nights over Kit's schooling in the last twelve months, it's such a relief to see that the decisions we made seem to be the right ones. All I have to do now is pay up.....thank God he's not old enough to drive.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am thankful for.....

Kit finding his science folder at school this morning!!

Sebi more willing to go to school.

Renee finding her camera. (long story)

Bruce promising to install my new drawers at H.B.C.

Music, cooler weather, chocolate biscuits.

I think I've got it covered, even if the laundry fairies didn't turn up!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gettin' Real / Take my advice

REALLY, I am ready to strangle number one son....he's managed to lose his science folder, complete with textbook (which will have to be replaced by yours truly) and all I'm seeing is a care factor of ZERO.

Maybe things would be different if it was his pokedex

REALLY, I hate laundry...I spend my life hunched over the twin tub like a Cold Powered Quazimodo. YUK!!

REALLY, I am sick of being interrupted. It always involves a male child and it always starts with "I wasn't doing anything" Yeah,right.

I have things to do people...just because they aren't "your" things doesn't mean they're not important

And I don't have any goodies to post tonight, 'cos I'm still steaming over the science folder. Maybe tomorrow....if the laundry fairies show up tonight.

Blog Award

This nifty little number came from Alaine because she thinks my futile attempts to raise boys and keep house simultaneously makes for interesting reading.
Thanks, mate xox.

So....I nominate these lovely peeps.....

Kerryn 'cos she makes me laugh
Kimberley 'cos she's my fave Texan and she has the worst behaved animals anywhere, apart from mine
Jolene 'cos her work is an inspiration
Diane Duda because her artwork is a thing of beauty and a joy forever

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm seriously thinking of hiring myself out to drought stricken areas as a rain magnet.....all I have to do is think about work, and sure enough, the heavens open. I'm sitting here listening to the thunder getting louder, the closer it gets to 2.30. This year, however, in the interests of avoiding another season of barking like an elderly doberman, I have taken some precautions.....

Aren't they divine??? They even have pom poms, (not that they do anything much apart from absorb water)and they look so cool.
I'm seriously thinking about adding some metal studs to my goverment-issued all purpose Matrix, just for the hell of it. I mean, if you're going to stand in the rain and dice with death, then at least look good while you do I right??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Things

Mmmmmmm.....the worlds best chocolate biscuits, bar none.

True Blood on DVD. I've got a slight fang fetish, peeps.

Lavender scented sheets.

I'm feeling pretty good's partly school holidays, partly sleep deprivation, (erases the care factor) and partly from a quiet hour of concrete zen. Sometimes I get more from ten minutes of deep breathing and basic tai chi than I do from an hour at the gym. I know there's a place for each in my life, it's like everything else....a balance thing. I'm getting closer to the right formula, it's just a matter of listening to yourself and giving your body what it needs. I've gained a little weight, which I really needed to do, but I'm still managing to maintain the muscle definition I'm working on with the weights, plus I can feel my flexibility improving...partly yoga, partly warming up with the boys at Tae Kwon Do. Sometimes when I take a deep breath, I can feel it all the way to the soles of my feet. It's fabulous. I feel powerful, in control. I'm still tired (heehee, understatement) but even that can be a good feeling. There are so many things that I can't control, possibly shouldn't even want to control, so I'm concentrating on the things I can and should master. Number one being my self, my mind and body. Once I've achieved the balance I'm after, the other stuff will come easier. I know it will.

Hells Nannas

You know you've run into a major milestone when you get a letter from the goverment congratulating you on your approaching birthday, complete with a request to know about your intentions to haul toxic waste across the Nullabor in an eight tonne truck. Yes, the mother of all mothers will be hitting the 3/4 century mark in May, and her reputation as a leadfoot has preceeded her. Kevin Rudd has sent my mother a form that requires a medical certificate in order for her to renew her license. Which sounds reasonable until you read the questions.
For example.....

Are you intending to drive any of the following.....

absolutely, as soon as my tattoos heal

bus, taxi or limousine
yep, Madonna doesn't have an international licence, so what can you do??

a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in bulk?
about that....I figured while my tatts were healing and Madonna was in Malawi adopting orphans, I'd take a quick run to Perth and take my 80 year old brother a case of plutonium for his birthday

Watch out Kevin.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We are leaving Planet Hartwell to venture beyond the border to strange new lands....if they haven't floated out to sea. I have the entire Sookie Stackhouse collection on MP3, The Twilight Saga on paper, a deckchair, vodka and minties. AHHH.
See you on the flip side.....

Monday, April 6, 2009


We are in the home stretch peeps....only two more days of school and then it's Hartwells-by-the-sea while we recharge and get ready to face term 2. Things are pretty good on the home front, Kit has his last exams today and tomorrow, Sebi is pretty much under control, and Bruce is in major count down mode.
We've had a few bumps in the last week or so, with Kit developing a major mobile phone obsession which has resulted in us changing him to a different plan with cheaper calls (and strict instructions to use the landline at home). He's under advisement that any bills over his monthly free cap are to come out of his own pocket, and as soon as he gets a 'real' job (as opposed to the paper route), he'll be expected to pay half the monthly plan costs. I sound so mean, don't I?? I just feel that I feed, clothe and support him as well as paying for his extra-curricular stuff, so anything that comes under entertainment can be self funded, including his phone. God knows the only time he ever rings me is if he misses the bus, so I presume the rest of time he's calling his mates, which comes under entertainment in my book. Sebi is also becoming slightly techo-obsessed....he has an MSN account which DH set up for him, which means that I need to brush up on my lurking skills...number two son is not fooled by my pathetic pretend dusting activities every time he logs on. Hmmm. I hate feeling like I'm spying, but on the other hand, forewarned is forearmed. And besides, it's in my contract.


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