Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Final Countdown.....

It's almost at the to-late-to-do-anything stage, and I still have a lot to do.  The mother-of-all-mothers is making her final costume....her own, lol which is a big relief, 'cos she was really starting to embrace the whole 'Lady Godiva' deal.   I'm still up to my watziz in chocolate making, followed by gingerbread during the week.  I hope.  The kids pinatas are done,  the maypole is done, the decorations are ready to go on Friday.  Still have a few place cards to finish, and the photo booth to set up on Friday.   We picked up a few extra goodies for the munchkins yesterday, only to be informed by Officer Steph that she wants a bubble wand too.  We've run through the rehearsal a few times, and it's slowly coming together, barring a sudden panic-stricken memory loss, we should be fine.  There's just a few things that have constantly slipped my mind that I seriously cannot forget any more.  So I'm gonna write them down.  On my husband.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Time flies....

see how much they've grown.....



You can really see the difference in them now....Hektor is white with a defined grey/blue tail and ears and looks like he fell off a cloud, lol.....Achilles, on the other hand has a brown mask and a cream coat and looks like he's been rolling in the dirt.   They've grown so much since the first photo, and they'll be probably twice as big again by the time they come to live at Planet Hartwell.  I hate waiting!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

She wore(eth) a Snuggie as she walked through the faire.......

Sanity has at last prevailed at Ye Olde Planet Hartwell, with the Mother of all Mothers relenting and making me a cape for the handfast.  It's not that I'm anti-Winter, but I'm hugely anti-freezing-my-ass-off-in a paddock.   Hence the cape.....which is beyond gorgeous, even though it's made out of tracksuit fleece, lol.  It's a sort of off-white and the M-O-A-M  has lined the hood with the leftover material from my underskirt (orange shot satin) so it actually looks quite gothic, apart from being totally warm, which was the whole point!!  And another plus...if I pass out and die from intense germ warfare between now and next Saurday, all they have to do is sew up the front and presto.....instand shroud.  Gothic and practical.  And while she was busy relenting, fave mother also made one for FF.  In Black.  Darth Vader theme song, anyone???

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Corpse Bride

Working my way through the last of the details now.  It'd probably be easier if I could breathe, but I'm getting there.  I'm fighting a monster cold plus ear infection, and a monster bout of apathy.  There are things that have GOT to be done and I don't even have the energy to raise my hands above my head to brush my hair.  I spoke seriously to FF about the possibility of hiring four buff guys and a litter, to carry me down the aisle Cleopatra-style, cos at this stage, I'm not sure I can walk that far, let alone stand unaided and remember my vows.  I'm thinking a generic chorus of "what he said"  is as close as I'm gonna get to meaningful promises.  I hate being sick.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Princess Return(eth)

With just over two weeks to go and things getting pretty much down to the wire, organisation wise, I can at least relax over the issue of the "big D".  As in Dress.  As in the one thing I really really REALLY wasn't looking forward to dealing with.  As a forty-getting-along-there rebride, I have no illusions about how I look.  Short, skinny, and twenty years older than the last time I dressed up like this.  I dress for comfort, and to feel good.  What generally makes me feel good is a mix of funky and functional.  Unusual patterns and feel good fabrics.  Preferably recycled .....and worn with converse sneakers.
My dress, on the other hand, is pure fantasy.  Princess to the nth degree.  It looks neither funky nor functional. (although it is both, in a sense)  It is most definately a dress for a one off occasion.  But still undeniably me.....from the underskirt found in a Vinnie's bin, to the reduced-in-price curtain fabric I chose for the dress. 
Feminine, functional, and fabulous.   Can't beat it!!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Hektor                                                                                            Achilles

As you can see they're still tiny and a couple of months away from joining us here at Planet Hartwell, but aren't they divine???

Hektor is a Blue Bicolour, which means he'll end up with a grey-blue mask over his eyes and quite a ghostly appearance.  Not that I'm biased, but I just love the way these guys look as adults....stunning!!

Achilles, on the other hand is a Seal Bicolour and will get progressively darker with a very dark brown mask and will look like a very large raccoon, or a bad seventies sit-com burglar lol.  Gorgeous with a hint of insane...just what Sebi was hoping for.  

Vera, who runs the cattery has promised to update the photos as often as she can, so I'll update as soon as I get new pix.   Love me some teeny furbabies.


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