Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Princess Return(eth)

With just over two weeks to go and things getting pretty much down to the wire, organisation wise, I can at least relax over the issue of the "big D".  As in Dress.  As in the one thing I really really REALLY wasn't looking forward to dealing with.  As a forty-getting-along-there rebride, I have no illusions about how I look.  Short, skinny, and twenty years older than the last time I dressed up like this.  I dress for comfort, and to feel good.  What generally makes me feel good is a mix of funky and functional.  Unusual patterns and feel good fabrics.  Preferably recycled .....and worn with converse sneakers.
My dress, on the other hand, is pure fantasy.  Princess to the nth degree.  It looks neither funky nor functional. (although it is both, in a sense)  It is most definately a dress for a one off occasion.  But still undeniably me.....from the underskirt found in a Vinnie's bin, to the reduced-in-price curtain fabric I chose for the dress. 
Feminine, functional, and fabulous.   Can't beat it!!

1 comment:

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I absolutely can't wait to see it. I bet you will look amazing!


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