Monday, June 21, 2010

Captain Underpants and the Three Nurofen Headache.

Firstborn is leaving tomorrow. Not on a jet plane, but leaving nonetheless. He's off to band camp (insert soundbite...and this one time, at band camp....) for the remainder of the week, and after todays festivities, I will be waving him off with a song in my heart and an icepack on my head. He decided, for reasons best known to himself and not gone into in any detail by me, that a revamp in wardrobe was needed, prior to departure. To be brief (pun fully intended), I was instructed to go out and purchase some boxer-type undergarments a-la Calvin Klein and associated other style icons. They had to be a certain style, colour and brand, as well as organic, recyclable and indestructible in case of bus crash and ensuing ambulance ride. It took me TWO HOURS to find said garments, by which time my retinas were bleeding and my brains were leaking out of my ears and sliding down my cheekbones. Was it worth it???

Judge for yourself.

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