Friday, June 11, 2010


Today it is cold. Really cold. Thermals-under-my-moo-cow-pants-cold. In the interests of not freezing, I decided not to go to the junior sports day and watch the preps turn into prepsicles. Besides, I'm sure I'll hear all about it on the crossing this afternoon, when it'll hopefully be a few degrees warmer. We have a busy weekend lined up at Casa Hartwell, which always seems to happen when I'm not here to supervise. Kit's girlfriend is up from Sydney this weekend for the first time in a month, so Kit has invited a bunch of their mates round on Saturday to do whatever it is teenagers do when they get together. Eat and watch DVD's springs to mind, since we run a strictly G rated house. It probably would have been a good idea for him to announce the plans a tad earlier, as I'm not here at all over the long weekend. I scored three days work at the papercrafts festival, so FF will be left to man the ship. I pointed out that this would be an ideal time for him to prove that his vintage teenage cool is still intact, but he's not exactly brimming with enthusiasm, heehee. Second son is now on his full dose of medication and doing extremely well. He gave me a revised list of books he wants on our last trip to Borders, and after adding up costs, even with getting some second hand, it worked out cheaper to get him an ereader, so we did. We bought him a Kobo from Borders, and it's getting the workout of its life. His teacher has allowed him to use it in class for silent reading, and he's munching through his latest series at a truly scary speed. Firstborn, of course has shown absolutely no interest, and has his beady little retinas firmly fixed on the DSiDX which he has decided would make a totally cool 15th birthday present. Second Son is in agreement with this, because he gets custody of the current DSi. Even FF thinks it's a good idea, 'cos then he gets second son's DSL. What do I get?? Peace and quiet. Worth every penny!!


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