Thursday, June 17, 2010


Second son is feeling a bit under the weather ATM, came home early from school yesterday, so I've decided to let him have today and tomorrow off school. It's sports day both days so he won't be missing much. He's tired, I'm tired, everyone's tired. Roll on school holidays!! Firstborn has a birthday to go to tonite, it's a girl mate from school so I've been left with the present buying. Apparantly she likes silver (who doesn't??) so I'll see what I can find without breaking the bank. Our house has been very quiet this week due to Firstborns's LDL leaving her phone in Brisbane. As a result of which she's been grounded for a week with no electronics. Firstborn is suffering mild to moderate phone withdrawal, and was not impressed when I suggested he send her a card to cheer her up, 'cos he doesn't know her actual address in Sydney, lol. Melissa and I had an extremely worthwhile trip to the Sallies shop at Carina, I picked up a whole bunch more table deccies for the Handfast, for only $8. Bargain!! On a whole different note, I bought a couple of OTP pieces for an upcoming birthday and was pleased to discover that my paints haven't petrified in the (at least) six months since I last did any serious scrapping, so I had a fairly productive evening sanding and painting while we flogged the Blues @ Origin. Two weeks from today will find me sitting solo in Gold Class watching the new Twilight movie....I've seen a few clips that people have sent me, and it's looking better than the last one (not that it would be hard....) so we'll just wait and see if it's worth the hype. Here's hoping. (I will admit to a secret fantasy that Jasper finally loses it and EATS Bella, but I fear it's a forlorn hope, sigh). Next week finds me down one child as Firstborn heads off to music camp leaving me and Second son to entertain ourselves for the duration. I see much Halo in my future. Panadol anyone??

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