Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Stuff

Today has been a cross between quiet and chaos, with Marcus and Katie spending the afternoon with us. Marcus was happy to hang out with the big boys and play Xbox, while Katie came down to investigate my quilting. We ended up having an impromptu sewing lesson and she made herself a little cushion cover with some of my leftover patchwork squares. Did a pretty good job too, for a seven year old who's never been close to a sewing machine before. I always enjoy doing 'girly' with Katie, we scrapbook and craft, decorate candles and make cards. I have a feeling that sewing will now be on the agenda for future visits, lol. FF and I attended a 21st for our neice Melissa on Friday night. Barefoot lawn bowls....which was a riot, except for the Hartwell men and their 'win-at-any-cost-philosophy'. Sheesh. For all of their tactics and game strategy, they still failed to notice that we managed to 'acquire' several extra bowls that were lying around, giving us a slightly unfair but completely understandable advantage, heehee. Melissa's birthday cake was a work of art,(hot pink and zebra stripes...GORGEOUS) made by a friend of a friend whose number I have to get because I want her to make me a castle cake for the Handfast. After beating the Husqvarna into submission, I am powering through the flannel side of my monster quilt,
and hope to start piecing the demin side by the end of the week. Yes, the gods of sewing are finally smiling on me. Let's hope it lasts!!


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