Friday, June 4, 2010

The week that was....

Week one with second son on meds has passed and things are looking good, so far. We were told that if there was an improvement it would probably show after 5-6 days, but in all honesty, things were picking up by day 2. I don't know if it's wishful thinking on my part, but we really seem to have hit on a winning formula. He is much less upset/frustrated, and much more able to keep on task. He's making connections that just seemed to buypass him before. Like I'd ask him to put his socks on for school, but I'd have to come back five minutes later and tell him to put his shoes on. He'd go in the bathroom and brush his teeth, but wouldn't think to comb his hair. I know a lot of this is typical kid behaviour, but now he just seems to make the jump between socks/shoes and brushing teeth/brushing hair, which is guaranteed to save me 20 minutes in the morning ;) He's also sleeping better and eating better, which is a godsend as he was starting tto get that skinny transparant look again. The only downside I've noticed is his obsession with the handball. It's never out of his hand. He's constantly throwing/bouncing/rolling it. He sleeps with it. If he can't find it, panic ensues until it shows up. To combat this, I bought half a dozen from Target, so we always have some spares. Plus some earplugs, cos the constant thud thud thud is driving me round the twist. Small price to pay for a happy settled kid, though.

In other news, FF has agreed to make an honest (middle aged) woman out of me (again).
We're gonna re-do our vows for our 20th anniversary next year in a medieval handfast ceremony. The boys are thrilled, as they get to dress up and carry weapons. FF is slightly less thrilled cos he thinks he's gonna hafta wear tights. (!!) I'm excited-slash-borderline psychotic about the whole deal, as I'm in charge of costumes. Which I have 12 months to make so I'm not thinking about it right now. Stay tuned for updates.

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