Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long Weekend....

I am back, after a fairly big weekend, working at the Scrapbook Expo @ Southbank. Which I thouroughly enjoyed, although my feet may never recover. I was very good and bought next to nothing, so my spending money for mamafest remains intact. Saw heaps of mates and spent an interesting few hours watching the Scrapping Nanas Precicion Shoplifting Team in action. I swear there's a 140 year old Fagin somewhere, runnning a team of 70-something Nanas, and those chickies will nick anything that's not nailed down. One of them had a pram and I was seriously wondering if she'd flogged the baby from someone. Unbelievable. Really, people, if you're determined to embark on a life of crime, then up your sights a bit, y'know. Steal the Crown Jewels, kidnap KRudd, whatever.....but pinching discounted scrapbook supplies shows a distinct lack of panache. Yick. Big time. I got home on the Saturday evening and was greeted by second son with "thought you were in Sydney".(??)
Out of sight, out of mind apparantly. This week I am determined to wrestle the Husqvarna into submission so I can FINALLY finish the top side of my quilt. Otherwise I'm camping out at Melissa's so I can use her fancy pants Brother (machine, that is) when she gets through. Handfast plans continue to slowly take shape, you can see what I'm up to here , although there's not much to look at as yet. But there's more coming, I promise.

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