Monday, June 28, 2010

Holidays and all that.

I LOVE school holidays. Today we started by not waking up till 8.30, (myself and second son....firstborn had to be dragged out of bed at 10.30) then had a leisurely late brekkie and went out for a little retail therapy. The boys got to take some holiday money out of their accounts. Firstborn bought some seriously gorgeous earrings for his girlfriend, who is due up on Saturday ("just because"... gotta love a man who thinks like that) and second son bought a gun and some stretchy rubber frogs (why not??). Tomorrow, firstborn is off on another round of job hunting, followed by finishing off his history project, while second son and I have a little quality time. It's so relaxing not to have to contend with homework, band practice, drum lessons, tennis lessons, martial arts training and all the other stuff that goes along with school. LOVE me some down time!!

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