Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

in which I get many wickedly cool things, amongst which my absolute faves are these
and yes they are what you think they are....
knitted Iced Vovo hairclips.
Seriously dripping with cute.  My kids have excellent taste.

I also got one of these....
the suit, not the kid.  I know it's mothers day, but let's not get silly.
It's a Lazypatch Suit....jacket and pants made from a doona!!
Guaranteed to stop me freezing to death on the crossing this winter.
I got the slightly more stylish version....cow at the top, black at the bottom.
Although the tribe also presented me with a clip on cow tail to go with it.
And the mother of all mothers is at this moment knitting me a hat (with horns!!), so my ears don't fall off.

So, when you add these....
you can pretty much kiss winter goodbye.   MWAH!!!!

Hoping to add a picture of myself and the minions, depending on how co-operative they're feeling this evening.  Laters!!


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