Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out of the blue

I received an email today from Scrapbook Creations telling me that the rainbow gallery has been shifted to issue 59 so i don't have to send them my layout till June 10th. Which would be fine if I knew what they were talking about....I haven't ever had an acceptance from Scrapbook Creations, although I have subbed things fairly regularly. So, one phone call to Sydney and a chat with a lovely girl called Haidi, and she tells me that my "Good Vibrations" layout is being published, and I've already sent them the list of materials. ?????? Mystery solved when I told her that I always list my materials when I sub to magazines....that's why she though I'd already been notified that they wanted to publish. So, a nice bonus for me!!! That's one layout for each for me!!


Jolene said...

Congrats on the pub, even if it's a surprise! Go check out my blog for a little fun. :^)

Scrapsister said...

Fantastic! Just brilliant about one for each kid...LOL. Still dramas here about that little problem...but I will have 4 kiddies.....

Mad Scrapper said...

Congratulations Kjirsten, that is fantastic!


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