Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Looking forward

Well I'm still here....are you surprised?? No more than I am, and that's the truth!! After a few weeks of stuff that would make me an instant winner on "Stress Factor", I am slowly getting my life back to a point where I can deal with it one day at a time without freaking out when the phone rings or wondering when the next bombshell is going to drop. I always thought that I dealt with stress pretty well, so it kind of caught me by surprise when I found myself refusing to answer the phone because I was so sure it would be something else I didn't want to hear. In fact, between you and me and anyone else in the universe who reads this, I had a total panic attack at the shops when my mobile rang, because I KNEW who it was and what they were going to tell me and I just didn't want to hear it. (I actually had no idea who it was, cos I refused to answer it, but who argues with a hyperventilating crazy woman??) So, time for some changes, before the men in the white coats come knocking. I have finally realised that I cannot keep functioning on adrenaline and fresh air, so I have set myself some daily targets.
1. Eat at least one complete meal per day (the kids leftovers DO NOT COUNT)
2. Set aside 30 minutes to just sit and be quiet.
3. Use the answering machine instead of freaking out....saves brain cells
4. List your positives every day.

So, to get me started......
Today I am thankful for.....
people who help me
sleeping in on a weekday
happy children
cooler weather
rain on the roof


1 comment:

Renee Dowling said...

WOW, Firstly your blog has changed!! Looking very swanky!! and glad your chillin out!

Luv Reneexx


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