Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fear of flying??

Well, back from the doctor, blood tests ok except I have some kind of viral thing going on (explains the doberman barking cough), so at least I know that when I keel over from stress related breathing I'll die a healthy death. Spent this morning doing all the little things that bug the sh*t out of me, but if they don't get done, one or both of the boys will have a major wig out in the airport and we won't get on the plane. So, the snack boxes are packed, the gameboys are charged, their clothes are ready. Sebi is not really happy about flying - he was very insistant that we catch a train, so I'm hoping that nothing sets him off tomorrow. The way I'm feeling ATM, I'd be happy to wave the three of them off tomorrow, come home and spend 4 days in bed. Hmmmm. Not exactly the level of energy I was hoping for....better put beroccas on my last minute list. I know I'll have a great time once I'm there....all I have to do now is survive the flight.

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