Friday, May 27, 2011

Heads I lose....tails you win.....

It's been one of those 50/50 days today....the kind that comes when you have two kids so completely opposite in looks, nature and everything else, that whatever you do right for one kid is bound to have major negative impact on the other. So here's where we stand.....

On the plus side, my ultimate witchyness and refusal to understand that Firstborn would curl up in a ball and die without Facebook has paid off.....he's back up to straight B's and is on track for Uni, providing I don't kill him during exam week.

On the flip side, Second Son informed me today that I'm "constrictive and nagative"  ( yep, he's invented a brand new derogative term just for me) because I unwisely mentioned that 11 is probably a little early to get worried about not having a girlfriend.   

I'm gonna have a vodka float.....where's the icecream???

Recipe for a sleepless night.

If you have a hankering to see the sun set and the dawn break without closing your eyes in between, try this....

Invite your adult god daughter and recent intake police recruit over to your house.  Fail to notice that Second Son is listening as she describes the "field trip" they just took.   To the morgue.

Help Firstborn with his music assignment on Sweeney Todd by getting a copy of the movie for him to watch.  Fail to notice that Second son is very quietly sitting in the background watching as well.

At bath time, check behind the shower curtain for dead bodies/psychotic barbers at the request of Second Son.  (not that he's scared or anything).

7pm:  Bedtime.  With the lights on.  And your youngest child attached to you.  All night. 

 Tired Much??

Monday, May 23, 2011


Newsflash from the "you didn't seriously think I was pregnant" front.   Yes, we are expecting new additions, and no, they won't be the state educated surly teenaged learners permit variety.    After several specialist consultations about stress management and anxiety, it was suggested that a Ragdoll kitten would be an ideal combination of pet/companion/home therapist for the boys.  They're the breed that goes limp when you handle them, and are recommended for therapy with austim and aspergers cases. 
So we have taken the plunge and will be adding TWO new babies to the Planet Hartwell menagerie.  We decided on two so that they will keep each other company while the boys are at school.  We've paid a deposit (don't ask, lol) on two baby boys from a top breeder in NSW, and they'll be joining us after Sebi gets back from the UK in August.   They're pedigreed and come desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and have been DNA tested for all the feline nasties in previous generations.   Heehee.....better breeeding than their owners, lol.   FF is planning to enclose the front deck so that they can have indoor/outdoor access as they are not supposed to have unsupervised outdoor access at all due to their temperament, they're so good natured that they'll approach other animals and people and we don't want them mangled or stolen.   Which brings us to names.....we had a shortlist, for girls, boys and one of each....

Janis and Joplin for girls
Bonnie and Clyde for one of each.....
but it's official, we're getting boys and they'll be......drum roll please.......

Hektor and Achilles.

FF's suggestion was Visa and Debit after the cards that paid for them, heehee.

Will post some pics as soon as we get them.....stay tuned.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a secret.....

but I can tell you this much.  Planet Hartwell is expecting.  Stay tuned for details.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day @ home.....

So this is me and them.....
love me some early morning smoochy.
FF wasn't as impressed 'cos he had to vacate the bed in order to take photos, lol.
Got some vairy lairy leopard print pj's and some new slippers....
also a happy mothers day message from firstborn's gf.  Sweet.

they are blissfully comfortable, and I see myself living in them over the next three months.
The big ole horse blanket has come out of hibernation in the linen cupboard and is back on my bed ....a sure sign that the nights are getting cooler.   I like winter.  I just don't like feeling cold.

Mother's Day

As a mother of sons, I know it's the thought that counts!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Witchcraft 101

The hills are alive with the smell of incense. And powdered basil and numerous other strange herbish powdery substances.  Firstborn was given a book on wicca by a mate at school, and has embraced it with his usual mania for all things slightly offbeat, resulting in a bedroom resembling Dumbledore's study and possibly a future university degree in Advanced Weird.   I will admit to a certain fascination with wicca and white magic myself (says she of the pagan handfast wedding), but himself has completely immersed himself in it, with candles of varying hues inscribed with wishes and prayers burning day and night, surrounded by dishes of herbs and  associated other neccessities crammed in between the laptop and the ipod dock.  And yes, it looks every bit as bizarre as it sounds. I'm hoping there's a spell in there somewhere to generate electricity....the bill's due any day.  Or perhaps a little alchemy to ease the mortgage payments???   Where's that candle??


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