Friday, May 27, 2011

Heads I lose....tails you win.....

It's been one of those 50/50 days today....the kind that comes when you have two kids so completely opposite in looks, nature and everything else, that whatever you do right for one kid is bound to have major negative impact on the other. So here's where we stand.....

On the plus side, my ultimate witchyness and refusal to understand that Firstborn would curl up in a ball and die without Facebook has paid off.....he's back up to straight B's and is on track for Uni, providing I don't kill him during exam week.

On the flip side, Second Son informed me today that I'm "constrictive and nagative"  ( yep, he's invented a brand new derogative term just for me) because I unwisely mentioned that 11 is probably a little early to get worried about not having a girlfriend.   

I'm gonna have a vodka float.....where's the icecream???

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