Monday, May 23, 2011


Newsflash from the "you didn't seriously think I was pregnant" front.   Yes, we are expecting new additions, and no, they won't be the state educated surly teenaged learners permit variety.    After several specialist consultations about stress management and anxiety, it was suggested that a Ragdoll kitten would be an ideal combination of pet/companion/home therapist for the boys.  They're the breed that goes limp when you handle them, and are recommended for therapy with austim and aspergers cases. 
So we have taken the plunge and will be adding TWO new babies to the Planet Hartwell menagerie.  We decided on two so that they will keep each other company while the boys are at school.  We've paid a deposit (don't ask, lol) on two baby boys from a top breeder in NSW, and they'll be joining us after Sebi gets back from the UK in August.   They're pedigreed and come desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and have been DNA tested for all the feline nasties in previous generations.   Heehee.....better breeeding than their owners, lol.   FF is planning to enclose the front deck so that they can have indoor/outdoor access as they are not supposed to have unsupervised outdoor access at all due to their temperament, they're so good natured that they'll approach other animals and people and we don't want them mangled or stolen.   Which brings us to names.....we had a shortlist, for girls, boys and one of each....

Janis and Joplin for girls
Bonnie and Clyde for one of each.....
but it's official, we're getting boys and they'll be......drum roll please.......

Hektor and Achilles.

FF's suggestion was Visa and Debit after the cards that paid for them, heehee.

Will post some pics as soon as we get them.....stay tuned.

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