Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twentyten and a life in focus.

At the end of 2009 I find myself still moving mostly in the right direction, although slower at times than I would like. I'm finally getting a grip on time as opposed to wasting it wondering why I'm not achieving whatever I'm aiming for. Sometimes it's more about moving rather than the direction you're going. Sometimes a step(or three) backwards helps you work out how you got off course in the first place. I have moved forward in patience and perseverence, backwards in self control (although I am starting to regain some ground) and if there were medals for time management, I would so be on the podium!! I have mastered what seemed to be an impossible task back in October, and can now confidently manage both jobs without losing control of the home front or my mind. I'm also making slow but steady progress in photography, having completed several paid shoots and recieved very encouraging feedback from satisfied clients. So, I'm not really making resolutions for the New Year....except to keep walking the path I'm on.
What does Twentyten hold for you??

Monday, December 28, 2009


You are looking at a very happy camper. On Christmas morning, FF finally got to unveil the present he got me under our "unusual and interesting" pact.

....and here it is!!! This is the actual article....photographed by yours truly as soon as my hands stopped shaking.
It's a 2C Kodak JR in absolutely beautiful condition, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Partly because I crave anything remotely photographic, particularly older lenses and cameras, and a concertina lens has been at the top of my wish list for ever....but mostly because FF took the time to troll through ebay and track it down, complete with details of how to customise film in case I ever decide to use it. He doesn't get my camera obsession, (few people do) but he's willing to enable me, which gets him truckloads of brownie points and pole position on my top ten list of fave husbands. MWAH!!!
And to finish....a shot of yours truly and her new fave toy...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Peace, love and blessings to you and yours xox

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Attention Shoppers......In the spirit of Christmas and peace on Earth and yeah yeah whatever, I feel compelled to make the following announcement.

A certain nameless individual who didn't tell me something I really should have known about, regardless of whether I'd freak out or not, is in for a swift a** kicking and a couple of hard head knocks as soon as he re-enters Australian airspace. You know who you are. Be very afraid. And for God's sake be careful and come back in one piece. Love you muchly, even though you SO don't deserve it. That is all.'s kinda hard to stay mad at someone when they ring you from Afghanistan to apologise for going in the first place. Love you bud xox

Monday, December 21, 2009

I could tell you...../Pimp me medieval.

but then I'd have to kill you. Providing I don't commit present-induced hari-kiri in the meantime. FF and I had this idea that we would compete to see who could buy the most original gift this year. Himself went straight out, did something, and voila, several days later a mystery package arrives on my doorstep containing said very original gift about which I am completely clueless. Sounds easy doesn't it?? NOT if you are giving to FF.....the only thing that I've heard him even mention offhandedly has been the headgear worn by Giles Coran in an episode of the Supersizers. Ever tried to make an Elizabethan Tall hat using a bad photo of Giles with part of his head obscured by Sue Perkins as a reference point?? Not the easiest of tasks, let me assure you. Fortunately, the mother of all mothers has come to the party and is currently turning a very pimp-like trilby from K mart into the cream of medieval millinery. Or at least that's what's supposed to happen. The final countdown is approaching and if things don't go according to plan, FF will be attending Christmas Day service at St Marks wearing a picture of Giles Coran, partially obscured by Sue Perkins. Not the vision I was hoping for. Bah Humbug, anyone??

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turning Ten

What happened.....

to my baby??
I'm so not ready for the whole double digit deal with second son. It was hard enough the first time. This time I can see tears. Mine, not his. His whole life has been one long investigation with me following behind sniffling every time he reached another milestone. I cried when he got too big for the sling. I cried when he got his hair cut. Not that you'd know he'd ever had a haircut in these pics. My son, Rapunzel. Sigh. And now he's about to hit double digits. Most of me is proud and happy. But a little part is crying. Softly. Wouldn't want to embarrass him now he's all grown.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa.....

Ok, I've managed to narrow it down.....into things I would like and may actually recieve, and things I would kill for, but have no chance of getting. Which is where you come in, Fat Man.......

and in the no chance department.....


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

R'n'R / boys just wanna have fun.......

and a good time was had by all.......

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Morlocks/Time Out/Things I Like.....

We are back from Twin Waters after two days of R'n'R involving far too much good food and lots of sleeping in and swimming/sailing and general stuffing about. I can admit to feeling almost human again after a seemingly endless period of work/sleep/work as the morlock in the back room at Donut King and the resident target on the school crossing. I was seriously losing my famously sweet disposition and was starting to snarl at the preps while Lollipopping, so a break was definately on the cards. We took the boys and veged out together....mama mushroom and her little mushlets,lol. I am glad that we've hit the last week of school though 'cos a weekend away will only take me so far, and the driving at school is getting worse, the closer we get to breaking up day, so I'm having to chew on my tongue in order to refrain from a few choice phrases that seriously don't end with "and a Merry Christmas to you too.....feel free to come back and run me down again tomorrow". Hmmm. But, leaving both the sublime and the ridiculous behind, it's now time for my updated list of THINGS I LIKE.......

drum roll please......

LOVE this series.....nothing like a gorgeous dead guy to make your heart beat faster....

The pop up Christmas Tree....although I wanted the Emo version in shiny black, complete with sad angels noosing themselves from the branches, oh yeah.....

My fave time travelling manwich.....sigh.....

Ok, back to reality....tomorrow I hit the crossing, hopefully not literally. Morlocks ahoy!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winding Down.....

Thank God, the end is in sight....this week will be Kit's last week, he's having next week off, because the combination of mixed up timetables and unfamiliar teachers is driving him (and me) round the twist. He's finished all his assessment for the year, so now we wait with bated breath for the dreaded report cards to be issued. Sebi will do this week and next, only becuase I have a mammoth house clean ahead of me to get things ready for Christmas, and I'll get a grand total of nothing achieved if second son is on the premises. I still have a mass of Christmas shopping to do, although at least the boys are finished.....Kit's getting a couch for his bedroom, a new phone (the old one is still MIA on a council bus somewhere) and a few other bedding, a new desk and a couple of other things he's been eyeing off over the year. Sebi gets a lightbox for his drawing, plus new bedding and various pokemon/bakkugan related things. Himself is getting a surprise which I'm not at liberty to divulge in case he reads this. For myself, I'd settle for peace on earth and a new portrait lens (are you listening Santa??). Lollipopping finishes with the end of school....I have sorted out my Elf costume to wear on the last week, although I did switch from green to red socks after Marcus informed me I looked more like the Incredible Hulk than Missus Christmas (!!!) I'll still be working the early shift at the donut shop in between everything else, but it's actually easier when the kids are at home, since I generally finish work and get home before their lazy butts make it out of bed. Kit's quilt is nearing completion, I just need to add the wadding and the back panel. I then have a dozen pillowcases to make for various neices and nephews, time allowing. I'm planning a major budget buster at Fishpond, 'cos all my best fave books seem to live there, and I plan on getting some serious couch time over Christmas accompanied by my fave rave reads and a glass of red. Luscious!! This weekend we are off to Twin Waters for the Metroll Christmas bash, we're having two nights in a King Suite, where I will be submerging myself in the spa on Friday evening and reluctantly towelling off on Sunday morning, whilst FF does the outdoor thing with the boys. Decadence on a budget....gotta love it!!


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