Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turning Ten

What happened.....

to my baby??
I'm so not ready for the whole double digit deal with second son. It was hard enough the first time. This time I can see tears. Mine, not his. His whole life has been one long investigation with me following behind sniffling every time he reached another milestone. I cried when he got too big for the sling. I cried when he got his hair cut. Not that you'd know he'd ever had a haircut in these pics. My son, Rapunzel. Sigh. And now he's about to hit double digits. Most of me is proud and happy. But a little part is crying. Softly. Wouldn't want to embarrass him now he's all grown.

1 comment:

s'me said...

I can't imagine my boy being 10. But six years ago I couldn't imagine him being six.

Ten years ago I never thought he'd ever exist.

Just goes to show, I guess.
Lovely pics though.


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