Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twentyten and a life in focus.

At the end of 2009 I find myself still moving mostly in the right direction, although slower at times than I would like. I'm finally getting a grip on time as opposed to wasting it wondering why I'm not achieving whatever I'm aiming for. Sometimes it's more about moving rather than the direction you're going. Sometimes a step(or three) backwards helps you work out how you got off course in the first place. I have moved forward in patience and perseverence, backwards in self control (although I am starting to regain some ground) and if there were medals for time management, I would so be on the podium!! I have mastered what seemed to be an impossible task back in October, and can now confidently manage both jobs without losing control of the home front or my mind. I'm also making slow but steady progress in photography, having completed several paid shoots and recieved very encouraging feedback from satisfied clients. So, I'm not really making resolutions for the New Year....except to keep walking the path I'm on.
What does Twentyten hold for you??

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