Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yay...Basic Grey picked up a layout of Sebi I did using Obscure paper.It's fairly intimidating paper, so I was happy with the result. Tah Dah!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Renovation Celebration

It feels like forever since I've posted anything....or since I've slept either!!!
The boys have been gone for a week and except for one phone call to say "we made it", I've heard exactly nothing. Too busy having a good time to miss their mum!!
Bruce and I have the painting well in hand, with Kit and Sebi's rooms finished, the lounge finished and just the master bedroom to go. It's been non stop painting for 4 days, but it'll be WORTH IT when it's finished. I'm feeling very decadent as I have treated myself to new bedding, as well as a new dining table and chairs and new curtains for the Lounge room. I refuse to feel guilty.....we've had a plastic garden table as a dining table for 10 years, and the last new bedding I had was before Sebi was born!!! This weekend we build the new deck out the front....bruce is already planning his first BBQ!!

Scrap wise, things have been a bit slow although I did manage to complete a layout today that I'm very happy with....It's kind of hard to get creative when your house is full of paint tins and boxed up furniture!! This is Sebi at four years old, recharging his batteries at Southbank after a morning at the Kodak Beach.
I really have got to get some more photos printed!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Engineering Expo

Sebi really impressed me at the year 2 Engineering Expo on Friday. He made a speech about cable bridges and demonstrated a model of a house he designed for a cold country. He really loves to build stuff, so this was his time to shine. WELL DONE SEBI!!

A Scouting we will go....

Kit left this morning on his first ever Scout camp. They are staying at Mt Cotton and will be back mid afternoon Sunday. Here he is, all packed up and ready to roll. It was a very early start which accounts for the half asleep look on his face.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

September Kit.

After a week where I have barely had time to think, I have finally managed to look at my September box of goodies from Basically Scrapbooking. Design team work definately makes you think "outside the box", which is why I was crawling round my front yard yesterday afternoon, trying to sneak up on the flowers. I was pretty pleased with the photos I got, the best one I used on my Floral Fantasy layout.
I've also managed another layout, a card and an OTP item, and I'm hoping to get another layout completed today. I tend to throw myself into the design team stuff, because the more I sit and look at it, the less work I seem to produce, lol.

Friday, September 7, 2007


I have to send a massive THANK YOU xox to Jolene for making my new header, I just LOVE it!!! You are incredibly talented and generous with your time and abilities and I love you for it xox

28 Laps and Counting

I know I'm easily distracted. I know I'm a procrastinator. I know I should be working. But I have just discovered the ultimate in armchair sports, and I'm completely hooked.

I am the world's biggest fan of Cat Lapping.
The rules are simple. You open the door to the laundry, then you sit on the couch.

This is where the cat comes in. I don't know whether Gryffindor is training for the feline olympics, or if he's just got mental health issues (leaning towards the latter), but he has spent the better part of the last 3 hours doing laps of my house. He disappears down the hallway, then reappears three minutes later through the laundry door. Apparantly this pointless journey is a big winner in the cat world, cos as soon as he recovers from the excitement, off he goes again. As you can imagine, the thrill factor is off the charts....all i need is a ginger & white supporters jersey and I'm all set!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Of Perth and other things.....

well, the trip is creeping closer, and while Kit is totally looking forward to it, and won't give me or Bruce a backwards glance as he boards the plane, Sebi is starting to exhibit a few nerves.
Out of the two of them, he is the more up front, me first type....but he has never been away from us, and I think he's starting to have reservations about the whole deal. It's killing me that they're going without me....not because I'll miss them (although I will, every second), but because I'm going to miss the oportunity to photograph them doing things that they will probably never do again until they're adults. I have instructed Mum on the finer points of digital photography, and I'm sure I'll get some great pix, but it's not the same.
I felt the same way last year when Kit went to England with Mum. They had a day trip to Paris, and went up the Eiffel Tower. The pictures are stunning, but I wasn't there to see his face, and it still kills me, lol. Still, this trip is a once in a lifetime deal for them, and I'm not going to let my photography frustrations stop them having a sensational time. Which of course they, I just have to convince Sebi!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Toot Toot

I get to toot my horn this week....I was the winner of the August Layout Competition with Anna's Craft Cupboard. It was a fairly busy sketch, but I had the most gorgeous photo of Renee's Elly, and I was really pleased with the end result. So, some goodies in the post for me!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's off to work we go!!!

As of today I am the proud mother of working children. Yes, my boys started their first job today, delivering the local paper. Actually, it hasn't been delivered yet, 'cos it took them most of the afternoon to fold them and squish them into the little plastic baggies they use in wet weather. They have to be delivered by 10 am Thursday, so I can see us dog paddling through the backstreets tomorrow afternoon, like the mailman....not sleet nor snow nor leaky sneakers will stop the Southern Star reaching its destination.

Global Conspiracy

I'm having one of those moments again....why is it that whenever I'm working a full week on the crossing it has to rain???? Somebody up there has a serious kink in their laugh line.
Still, at least I have the MATRIX.....the worlds heaviest and most bizzarre looking raincoat.
Unzip pocket number one and it converts into a liferaft. Choose pocket number two and you have a tent. Unleash the hood and presto, the worlds most compact nuclear fallout shelter.
Ahhh, technology. Now if it would only rain in the dams instead of in Colwyn Street. SIGH.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Make & Take

This is one of the make and takes from the Rasberry/Craft Queen trade day.

Although pink and girly isn't really my thing, I thought this was gorgeous...

just the thing for a party invite or a birthday card.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rasberry/Craft Queen Trade show

Totally looking forward to this....the sneak peek looks great.
A great chance to check out their new stuff, and do a make and take!!
This is totally the best part about design team work!!

Basically Brilliant

My scrapping mojo is back with a vengeance.....I have been scrapping up a storm in the last few weeks, mostly because I have been accepted as a DT member with Basically Scrapbooking, which has totally pushed me to create bigger and better, not to mention enhancing my somewhat dodgy computer skills. All I can say is that somebody needs to invent a smiley that swears and rips its hair out, 'cos I would have found plenty of uses for it whilst trying to upload sketches without turning them into postage stamps. Fortunately Annie came to the rescue and walked me through the whole process, bravely ignoring my threats to put my foot through the monitor. So, coming soon on the forum, weekly sketches, posted at great expense to my mental health by yours truly. Cheers Kjirsten

You know it's fathers day when......

You load all the men in your life into the car, drive them to the park and watch them play in the mud. There's something about a puddle of water and a pile of dirt that instantly attracts all the males in my family.

They're actually lucky we made it as far as the park, as I was having one of those "beam me up Scotty" moments while driving down Logan Road. No one should be expected to drive and referee simultaneously. The subject of todays arguement....what to play at the park.

Let's play hide & seek

No! let's play tiggy

How about hide and go seek tiggy

No! how about hide and seek go tiggy

That doesn't make sense

Yes it does

No it doesn't






why is there never a black hole when you need one???

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day to all you frustrated dam builders, and I'm sending healing Karma to all the women who put up with you!!! cheers Kjirsten


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