Sunday, September 2, 2007

Basically Brilliant

My scrapping mojo is back with a vengeance.....I have been scrapping up a storm in the last few weeks, mostly because I have been accepted as a DT member with Basically Scrapbooking, which has totally pushed me to create bigger and better, not to mention enhancing my somewhat dodgy computer skills. All I can say is that somebody needs to invent a smiley that swears and rips its hair out, 'cos I would have found plenty of uses for it whilst trying to upload sketches without turning them into postage stamps. Fortunately Annie came to the rescue and walked me through the whole process, bravely ignoring my threats to put my foot through the monitor. So, coming soon on the forum, weekly sketches, posted at great expense to my mental health by yours truly. Cheers Kjirsten

1 comment:

Jolene said...

You rock, lady, and I'm proud to work with you!!


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