Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Renovation Celebration

It feels like forever since I've posted anything....or since I've slept either!!!
The boys have been gone for a week and except for one phone call to say "we made it", I've heard exactly nothing. Too busy having a good time to miss their mum!!
Bruce and I have the painting well in hand, with Kit and Sebi's rooms finished, the lounge finished and just the master bedroom to go. It's been non stop painting for 4 days, but it'll be WORTH IT when it's finished. I'm feeling very decadent as I have treated myself to new bedding, as well as a new dining table and chairs and new curtains for the Lounge room. I refuse to feel guilty.....we've had a plastic garden table as a dining table for 10 years, and the last new bedding I had was before Sebi was born!!! This weekend we build the new deck out the front....bruce is already planning his first BBQ!!

Scrap wise, things have been a bit slow although I did manage to complete a layout today that I'm very happy with....It's kind of hard to get creative when your house is full of paint tins and boxed up furniture!! This is Sebi at four years old, recharging his batteries at Southbank after a morning at the Kodak Beach.
I really have got to get some more photos printed!!

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