Sunday, September 2, 2007

You know it's fathers day when......

You load all the men in your life into the car, drive them to the park and watch them play in the mud. There's something about a puddle of water and a pile of dirt that instantly attracts all the males in my family.

They're actually lucky we made it as far as the park, as I was having one of those "beam me up Scotty" moments while driving down Logan Road. No one should be expected to drive and referee simultaneously. The subject of todays arguement....what to play at the park.

Let's play hide & seek

No! let's play tiggy

How about hide and go seek tiggy

No! how about hide and seek go tiggy

That doesn't make sense

Yes it does

No it doesn't






why is there never a black hole when you need one???

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day to all you frustrated dam builders, and I'm sending healing Karma to all the women who put up with you!!! cheers Kjirsten

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