Thursday, September 6, 2007

Of Perth and other things.....

well, the trip is creeping closer, and while Kit is totally looking forward to it, and won't give me or Bruce a backwards glance as he boards the plane, Sebi is starting to exhibit a few nerves.
Out of the two of them, he is the more up front, me first type....but he has never been away from us, and I think he's starting to have reservations about the whole deal. It's killing me that they're going without me....not because I'll miss them (although I will, every second), but because I'm going to miss the oportunity to photograph them doing things that they will probably never do again until they're adults. I have instructed Mum on the finer points of digital photography, and I'm sure I'll get some great pix, but it's not the same.
I felt the same way last year when Kit went to England with Mum. They had a day trip to Paris, and went up the Eiffel Tower. The pictures are stunning, but I wasn't there to see his face, and it still kills me, lol. Still, this trip is a once in a lifetime deal for them, and I'm not going to let my photography frustrations stop them having a sensational time. Which of course they, I just have to convince Sebi!!


Renee Dowling Design Team Member for Scrapbook Savvy said...

I wonder if my lot can go too...I'll miss them but, I could always help you paint!!! Looks like we will have to have a games night at your place, or maybe mine cause yours will smell of paint!!!

Kjirsten said...

sounds good to me, I;ll bring the vodka, you supply the glasses!!


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