Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Life on Ward 7

Both the boys are now on their latest medication trial....I think it's hitting Kit pretty hard ATM...he's tired, and finding it hard to get moving. That should hopefully wear off in a couple of days, and then we start to look for signs of improvement. Sebi has been trialling longer than Kit, and seems to have got on top of any side effects....he's actually doing quite well. After taking the anti-medication stance for so long, it's hard to reconcile to the fact that it does seem to help. But it does, which makes it easier for the boys to deal with day to day stuff, which is all good with me. The one thing that I've totally come to believe about all this is that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I'm raising two incredibly strong young men. Love you boys!!!


Julia said...

Kjirsten, they have an incredibly strong mum as well you know. Both you & Bruce are doing an awesome job! Must be tough to juggle all the don't be hard on yourself. Hope your day gets better!
Julia (shopaholic) at BS

Kjirsten said...

thanks mate, I'm sure things are gonna pick up soon!!!cheers Kjirsten

Scrapsister said...

Your boys are a real testament to you as a Mum Kjirsten...they are just gorgeous young men. Good on you for doing what you believe is right and for oing all you can to make them healthy, happy and whole.


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