Friday, November 23, 2007

It's all about me

Well i have more or less completed my "self" layout for DT submission. I HATE scrapping myself...I hate the way I look in photos...not that I'm all that in real life, lol, but photos always seem to pick up your least favourite bits and MAGNIFY them till all you can see is the your "worst" side. And my worst side is plenty bad without being immortalised on film let me tell you!!! The worst side of me has been quite active lately...I've been snappy with the kids, and moody with Bruce, for no reason that I'm aware of except that I'm maybe stressing a bit about not being here at Christmas :( So naturally, sniping at everyone is absolutley the best way of dealing with it, NOT!! Also, I think I've pretty much had all the public education I can deal with for one year....I think it's ridiculous that Kit is still coming home with a stack of homework every night...if he hasn't learnt it by now, the odds aren't good, IYKWIM. Plus, I'm gonna have to go out and break the water restictions, cos the money tree in the back yard is looking sick, and I still have to cough up for Kit's end of term activities and his French Restaurant visit.
The joys of free education!!

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