Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Use the Force/Tales of the Elven Warrior

Yesterday was the year 2 boat display. All the kids have been working really hard on their boats and yesterday they all got to race them in the school pool. Sebi and Bruce spent ages working on their entry and Bruce was NOT impressed that he had to work and was going to miss the whole thing. Sometimes I wonder who's the biggest kid. Then I look at Bruce and realise there's no contest. Anyway, Sebi's "Elven Warrior" (I know, too much Lord of the Rings) won the sailboat section in fine style. There was talk of launching a protest when it was realised that the ship was captained by Yoda, as it was thought that using the Force gives an unfair advantage.
All protests were dismissed by Mrs Wallen (sensible woman) and the Elven Warrior went on to win the day.

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