Friday, November 16, 2007

Flip a coin....

Well, for every crappy thing that happens, there's an upside....I was up to my neck in washing and packing this morning, when mum called to ask if I wanted to go to the club for lunch. the washing.....go out for lunch....NO CONTEST!!!!
So we ended up going to the Southside Club, where I splurged and put $10 in the pokies and walked away 20 minutes later with $160 which will just about pay for our weekend up the coast :) Have decided to put the last couple of days in cold storage, while I move on with stuff and see what my next "big thing" turns out to be. Also on a brighter note, Kit is playing the piano at the year 7 Graduation, which is the last week of school. Totally looking forward to seeing him strut his stuff, he's a born performer, and his talent is just blossoming at the moment.
Both boys have now recieved their "Silver Awards" for behaviour, I am SO proud, because this has taken some perseverance on their part, and it's good to see them being rewarded for their efforts.

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