Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Ideas....

in my head and I want to work on them now, but I'm SO tired that I'm worried I'll cut my fingers off, lol. LSBS are having a design team call, due in by the 25th November. I'm going to apply, even if it doesn't pan out, at least it'll give me something to work on this week, although as usual I'm going to be hugely rushed - of course I wasn't looking for DT spots, so I guess you gottta run with what you find, lol. Nay has promised to check out my submission stuff, I know I can count on her for a completely honest opinion. So as soon as the kids are safely ensnared in public education, i.e. 9am tomorrow, I will get my rear into gear and try and pin this idea down in some sort of workable format!! Luck hugs!! as Sebi would say.

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