Friday, November 9, 2007


and I totally mean it....just have to get through the afternoon shift on the crossing and then i can chill out...Bruce home early today, we have a bye at futsal tonite, so we can actually spend an evening together...until 8.30 at least, cos it's cybercrop nite and I'm totally looking forward to getting some challenges done.
Kit had his Karaoke assignment test yesterday (I know, I don't really understand it either) and came home with an A-.....not bad considering that he didn't choose a song until 7am yesterday morning!!! I think he got most of the marks for attitude..he just LOVES a captive audience. Sebi is due to start his new medication this weekend....we'll just have to wait and see how it goes...apparantly it's supposed to help with organisation skills (wonder if they do a family pack??)
Kit had a day at Mt Gravatt High and totally loved it, he's so keen to start high school he's counting the days, lol. Hoping to get my Christmas Pix done this this space for previews.

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