Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mad Axeman and the Little Drummer Boy

As I sit here typing, my attention is caught by my coffee cup which is slowly but surely edging its way towards the edge of my desk and certain death. Why has my mug developed suicidal tendancies?? It's all about the vibes, people. The vibes from next door where the mad axeman has plugged in his long suffering electric guitar and is bringin' down the house (literally) with a god awful rendition of the "Inspector Gadget Theme Song". I can not only hear every wrong note, but I can feel it as well. But wait, there's more!! After all, what's a crappy guitar solo without woeful off beat drumming?? Enter the little drummer boy, sidekick to the mad axeman and bane of my existence. I know they have to practice. I fully understand that. What I don't get is how anyone as bad as they were to start with can possibly get worse with practice????? Some famous dead guy once said that three chords are all you need......I'll let you know if they ever learn them.


Julie said...

Thanks for my daily laugh Ladypop... :}

Renee Dowling said...

That Coffee cup is one of 2 yours and mine because we belong to the Yummy Mummys club look after it and keep it next to Daddy Cool!

Jolene said...

We just got Rock Band, so now our basement is full of off-key singing, guitar playing and drum banging. Even our 2 year old is in on the act! Anybody have ear plugs? Hope they learn some real chords soon!!


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