Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still here....

Mum is mending (slowly) and I am hopeful of getting a whole night's sleep in my own bed in the not too distant future. She's doing really well, but refuses to admit her limitations, which means I constantly have to check on her to make sure she's not trying to do something daft. Which she hasn't (much) although she did wheelchair herself to the door in the middle of the night to let the dog out, instead of buzzing my mobile. GRRrrr. See what I mean about checking?? The boys have been really good, fetching and carrying, plus walking the dogs and making squillions of cups of tea. I'm also rather keen on FF atm, he has cooked, shopped, cleaned, washed, parented and taxied without a word of complaint. MWAH!!! Knew there was a reason I married you. Going to try and have a power nap now, while I have a house full of people to keep Nanna under surveillance. Later xox

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