Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week One

Week one is practically over and both boys are still in one piece. Second son was not keen to go back, but has done amazingly well with lots of backup from his beloved Mrs Saal and her cast of several. I've got him on a really structured platform this semester, working things down to the minute, which seems to be the way he functions best. Firstborn, on the other hand, continues to do it solo, with very little input from me (sing halleluiah). He's had a slight dip in grades, which I am attributing to an overdose of girlfriend and far too much facebooking, but he's still on a B- average, so I'm not panicking (yet). I'll save it for the next round of face piercing arguements, which are due any day now. I'm gonna be 15 soon mum and you said when I was older....

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