Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life on Ward 9

Well, to cut a really crappy story short, the hospital has discharged Nanna, and she's home with us, complete with plaster cast, wheelchair, and lots of really dangerous painkillers. She'll be readmitted some time next week for her next lot of surgery. It's been a really hard couple of days, but we're getting on top of things, although we still have some serious furniture moving to do so that she can access everything important, like her bed and the bathroom. I'm seriously not happy with the hospital, who discharged her and then decided to ring me and tell me, after she'd been sitting in the transit lounge for an hour. They couldn't even loan us a wheelchair so Kit and I had to carry her from the car to the granny flat, and she was only one day post surgery. She was very upset and in a lot of pain, but she's so glad to be home where we can look after her properly. Last night she had a good sleep and this morning she's eating better and looking better. Thankyou to you sweet people who left me messages here, lol Kerryn for thinking it was me in hospital, heehee. Will update again as time allows. xox

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