Monday, July 26, 2010


I have just spent 4 hours on the phone with the Mater Hospital and I am pissed. Big time. I swear to God, I'd have gotten better results chewing straws with the Village Idiot. Mum has to attend fracture clinic tomorrow and after Thursday's fiasco, I decided to ring up and order an ambulance pickup. Which apparantly, you can't have, unless you've filled out the correct forms. Which we hadn't because nobody told us about them. After speaking to idiot #1, who asked me why my mother couldn't drive herself (??), I was transferred to the head idiot, who informed me that I would need to "pop out to your GP" to get the correct forms. I asked her what time she was arriving to look after my mother, while I "popped out". She transferred me to the Complaints Idiot. I got her voicemail, on which I left a very rude message. She won't get it for a week 'cos apparantly she's on holidays. I then got transferred to the Assistant Complaints Idiot, who offered to send a volunteer car to pick up mum. I very politely told her that unless it was a volunteer ambulance with a stretcher in the back, she could jam it up her wazoo. She told me I was upset. I agreed. She asked if there was something she could do. I asked her if she could tape the 6 O'clock news for me, in case I didn't get a chance after calling the media and holding a pre-election press conference about the state of Queensland Health. She offered to organise me an ambulance. I said thank you. 'Cos my mother raised me right.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Well done for using your manners! You know I had a wonderful experience with the public hospital system for planned surgery but I think when it comes to emergencies that is another story entirely. I know my Mum had trouble organising ambulance pick ups for her relative and they had to go to the GP to arrange it and he was having weekly trips to the hospital. Are you still going to be able to go away?


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