Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well there's good news and really sucky news. And since the sucky outweighs the good by a long margin, we'll start with that. Mum will be hospitalised for six weeks. She had the first of two operations yesterday, to realign the bones in her leg and ankle, and is now sporting the latest in toe-to-knee hard casts. She looks like she stacked her skateboard. She came through the surgery pretty well, and is concentrating on making life as hard as possible for everyone else by refusing to lie down and rest. Which is why she has to stay in hospital, as the doctors have realised that if they send her home after her second surgery, the first thing she's gonna do is get out of bed and try and answer the phone/ paint the ceiling/ scrub the floor. So she stays put until she's recovered and rehabbed. Which means on the (slightly) up side, I get to go to Mamafest next Thursday, providing I can organise a visiting roster in the meantime. I'm not 100% sold on the idea of leaving her up there but we've kinda had our choices taken away. So today I shop for all the little things she needs. You know....knitting wool, bourbon, poker chips....

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

That is awful news for your Mum. After spending only a few days in hospital after my hysterectomy I don't blame her for wanting out. But I'm really glad you're getting to recharge your batteries and escape for a little me time! Send me an email when you have time. My laptop died and I've got a new one with no email addresses. Thanks and take care! PS Spotlight has a wool sale on today if your Mum needs any.


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