Wednesday, July 28, 2010


on a jet plane. On a Jetstar plane to be precise. Yes, I have made it to Mamafest, and not a second before time. Melissa and I leave husbands, children, pets and plastered parents for five days of hard core R'n'R starting as soon as we board the plane at 8.30 tomorrow morning. I have organised mum, she goes back into hospital on Friday for her next op, which is really sucky timing, but since I have 6-8 weeks of full on home nursing ahead, it was decided that I should still go, everyone will cover for me, and then I can take over again on Tuesday. My only problem is that I'm so tired I have visions of hitting the pillow tomorrow night and not waking till Monday. Although that in itself sounds like mannna from heaven right about now, lol. So, no posts for a few days, but I'll be back on line hopefully sometime Tuesday. If I come back. Which I'm sure I will. Honest.

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