Friday, May 6, 2011

Witchcraft 101

The hills are alive with the smell of incense. And powdered basil and numerous other strange herbish powdery substances.  Firstborn was given a book on wicca by a mate at school, and has embraced it with his usual mania for all things slightly offbeat, resulting in a bedroom resembling Dumbledore's study and possibly a future university degree in Advanced Weird.   I will admit to a certain fascination with wicca and white magic myself (says she of the pagan handfast wedding), but himself has completely immersed himself in it, with candles of varying hues inscribed with wishes and prayers burning day and night, surrounded by dishes of herbs and  associated other neccessities crammed in between the laptop and the ipod dock.  And yes, it looks every bit as bizarre as it sounds. I'm hoping there's a spell in there somewhere to generate electricity....the bill's due any day.  Or perhaps a little alchemy to ease the mortgage payments???   Where's that candle??

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