Sunday, April 13, 2008

Agatha, Sherlock, Hercule and me....

here's a rule to live by....don't ever play board games with men. Even little ones.
(men that is, not games). I have just survived a game of cluedo that made the texas chainsaw massacre look like romper room, because the men in my life all need sensitivity training (and possibly long term psychotherapy, but that's another story)
For those of you who haven't played Cluedo, it's a murder mystery whodunnit board game, with six suspects, one body and a range of possible locations and weapons. Unless you play it at my house. Cluedo a la Hartwell involves grown men insisting on being Miss Marple, while Colonel Mustard and Reverend Green run an illegal casino in the library and Miss Scarlett gets up to no good on the dining room table. Mrs White, meanwhile, has poisoned the spaghetti and Professor Plum is growing dodgy herbs in the secret passage that links the kitchen and the conservatory. No wonder my head hurts. Fortunately Mrs Peacock confessed before the clock struck 12 and the boys are now happily playing commandoes on the deck while I have a panadol sandwich and a nervous breakdown. Monopoly anyone???

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