Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mama has a dark side.....

and she's not afraid to show it. On my list of things that REALLY tick me off are the following.

Stray Children. The ones who congregate at my place for hours, eating me out of house and home and fighting with/ignoring my kids, while they complain about how so-and-so has a much bigger/better/faster whatever. You know who you are. And never a parent darkens the horizon to find out where their kids have been for six hours. I have two words for you....VACATION CARE!!

Stupid shoppers. The ones who can't decide between two boxes of generic crackers and hold the rest of us up for six months while they agonise.

Close to God/Born in a Barn. I know winter is a fact of life but there's a reason behind me closing the door when the heater is on. Would you like a sample of my electricity account??

I'm sure the list will be extended shortly. That is all.

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