Friday, June 25, 2010

Made it....

to the end of semester one and we're all still here (in one form or another). Firstborn returned from camp with a truckload of laundry and informed me that they broke the camp record by fitting 13 music students in the sauna, which only hardens my belief that education in 2010 really has to be experienced to be understood. They did find time to play some music, although I don't think they were in the sauna at the time. Second son and I attended the Kops In Kilts performance at the school, which allowed me to briefly indulge in my secret braveheart fetish, so that was all good (love me a man in a skirt). Firstborn's LDL is heading north for 2 weeks, so I expect to lose sight of him for several days as they make the most of their time together before education pulls a Romeo and Juliet on them and they have to go back to fortnightly visits. I intend to spend much time catching up on my crafting and finishing my monster quilt before I lose my mind and take a pair of pinking shears to it. There are also movies to be watched....Eclipse being at the top of the list (oh yeah, just me, a large coke and all the eye candy my retinas can stand!!) LOVE Gold Class. I'm also planning a couple of day trips, some bushwalking and much sleeping. Starting as soon as I post this...zzzzzzzz

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