Monday, April 6, 2009


We are in the home stretch peeps....only two more days of school and then it's Hartwells-by-the-sea while we recharge and get ready to face term 2. Things are pretty good on the home front, Kit has his last exams today and tomorrow, Sebi is pretty much under control, and Bruce is in major count down mode.
We've had a few bumps in the last week or so, with Kit developing a major mobile phone obsession which has resulted in us changing him to a different plan with cheaper calls (and strict instructions to use the landline at home). He's under advisement that any bills over his monthly free cap are to come out of his own pocket, and as soon as he gets a 'real' job (as opposed to the paper route), he'll be expected to pay half the monthly plan costs. I sound so mean, don't I?? I just feel that I feed, clothe and support him as well as paying for his extra-curricular stuff, so anything that comes under entertainment can be self funded, including his phone. God knows the only time he ever rings me is if he misses the bus, so I presume the rest of time he's calling his mates, which comes under entertainment in my book. Sebi is also becoming slightly techo-obsessed....he has an MSN account which DH set up for him, which means that I need to brush up on my lurking skills...number two son is not fooled by my pathetic pretend dusting activities every time he logs on. Hmmm. I hate feeling like I'm spying, but on the other hand, forewarned is forearmed. And besides, it's in my contract.

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