Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gettin' Real / Take my advice

REALLY, I am ready to strangle number one son....he's managed to lose his science folder, complete with textbook (which will have to be replaced by yours truly) and all I'm seeing is a care factor of ZERO.

Maybe things would be different if it was his pokedex

REALLY, I hate laundry...I spend my life hunched over the twin tub like a Cold Powered Quazimodo. YUK!!

REALLY, I am sick of being interrupted. It always involves a male child and it always starts with "I wasn't doing anything" Yeah,right.

I have things to do people...just because they aren't "your" things doesn't mean they're not important

And I don't have any goodies to post tonight, 'cos I'm still steaming over the science folder. Maybe tomorrow....if the laundry fairies show up tonight.

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