Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A place in the sun.

Winter officially arrived on Morella Street this morning, and don't bother telling me that it's April. I know. The fact that the calendar says it's not winter till June does not change the fact that it was nine degrees when I set up on the crossing this morning just after 7.30. Even Sebi was feeling it this morning. All you could see of him was the top of his hat....he brought Kit's scout cape to the crossing and mummified himself and his DS till things warmed up slightly at 8.15. He looked like one of those Disney dancing mushrooms in Fantasia, but at least he was a relatively pink shade of human, unlike yours truly, who was sporting the latest in purple fingers and frostbittten ears. It's definately time for me to break out my beanie and gloves and no I don't care if the weather channel says it's going to be warmer tomorrow....No one sneaks up on me twice.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I'm with your boys. Mine on the other hand, Kenzie had to be threatened to wear a light spray jacket and Rory hasn't gone to get his jumper from the uniform shop and also has to be threatened to go! My boys don't feel the cold, unlike me who drives them to school in my dressing gowned (clothed underneath) LOL.


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