Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hells Nannas

You know you've run into a major milestone when you get a letter from the goverment congratulating you on your approaching birthday, complete with a request to know about your intentions to haul toxic waste across the Nullabor in an eight tonne truck. Yes, the mother of all mothers will be hitting the 3/4 century mark in May, and her reputation as a leadfoot has preceeded her. Kevin Rudd has sent my mother a form that requires a medical certificate in order for her to renew her license. Which sounds reasonable until you read the questions.
For example.....

Are you intending to drive any of the following.....

absolutely, as soon as my tattoos heal

bus, taxi or limousine
yep, Madonna doesn't have an international licence, so what can you do??

a vehicle transporting dangerous goods in bulk?
about that....I figured while my tatts were healing and Madonna was in Malawi adopting orphans, I'd take a quick run to Perth and take my 80 year old brother a case of plutonium for his birthday

Watch out Kevin.

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