Sunday, April 26, 2009


This weekend has been a total gem....relaxing like I never get, lol. I spent all day Saturday messing about in my zen zone, just downloading music, scrapping, playing with my backdrop, while the tribe of three amused themselves elsewhere.(without interrupting me!! at all!!). Saturday afternoon, the boys went for a swim at Nay's while Bruce and I had a childless afternoon (remember those???).
Today we had a trip to the movies....Bruce and Kit saw the Dragonball movie while Sebi, Zac and I saw Return to Witch Mountain. Yawn...I'm a bit seriously over kid movies. This afternoon Sebi hung out at Nay's with Zac, while Bruce and I went shopping and Kit did his own thing. Got myself some new sneeks for the gym, my old ones fell apart last week, plus a truckload of groceries for the boys tapeworms.
I swear, if Kit keeps growing I'm gonna have to have his pituitary gland removed, or at least cut him off at the ankles so he'll get a full year out of his school uniforms. Tonight I'm gonna have an early night with season two of Numbers....
remind me to add Charlie Epps to my Christmas men are so rare....

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