Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little Professor.....

january 30 2010
Sebi came home yesterday complaining that the blackboard at school was fuzzy. I was seriously tempted to blame the teacher's handwriting, but parental guilt got the better of me so we had a trip to the optometrist. The end result of which is a $200 plus bill for me and glasses for Seb. He needs them for reading and distance viewing as his left eye is apparantly considerably weaker than his right....which figures, since his whole left side is slightly weaker and always has been, so at least he's consistant. Seb doesn't seem to have any issue with wearing glasses (easy to say now, since he doesn't actually get them for a week....) but I'm already having an MBF related migraine at the thought of explaining to the powers of medical insurance how my son managed to lose/break/melt/bury a pair of glasses within hours of recieving them. Still, at least there's a silver lining....if it was Kit, he would undoubtably have eaten them within 24 hours, and I really can't see MBF going for that one....even with X rays.

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